September 19, 2017

SSC MTS Question Asked on 19 September 2017

SSC MTS Question Asked on 19 September 2017

SSC MTS Question Asked on 19 September 2017

SSC MTS 2016 exam are being conducted from 16th September to 31st October 2017. Read today's question based on review given by readers who attempted SSC MTS exam today. take a look of this article to know what kind of questions are asked on 19-09-2017. It will very helpful to you if you have not appeared for your exam till date. If you appeared in this exam today you may check your performance based on the correct answer and your answers. These question can be asked in upcoming shifts of SSC MTS Exam. Here is the questions asked in SSC MTS exam 19-September-2017:

  • Slogan ‘Do or Die’ was given by – Mahatma Gandhi
  • First Mughal Emperor name - Babar
  • Who Won Man Booker International prize 2017? – Jessica Cohen/David Grossman
  • How do fish balance in water? – Using Fins

  • 2017 Wimbledon Championships – Men's Singles : Roger Federer (Runner-up- Marin Cilic)
    • 2017 Australian Open – Men's Singles: Roger Federer (Runner-up- Rafael Nadal)
    • 2017 French Open – Men's Singles : Rafael Nadal (Runner-up- Stan Wawrinka)
    • 2017 US Open – Men's Singles : Rafael Nadal (Runner-up- Kevin Anderson)
  • Which type of mirror gives maximum wide view of field? – Convex Mirror
  • Which type of Insurance is Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana? – Accidental Insurance
  • Desease due to Vitamin C deficiency – Scurvy
  • How far is it from the earth to the sun? – 149.6 million km
  • The Most abundant metal in Earth’s Crust is – Aluminum
  • Electric motor invented by ? – Michael Faraday
  • Who is the author of “Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy – Speaker’s Perspective”? – Meira Kumar
  • Hornbill festival is related to which state ? – Nagaland
  • What is the name of India-Russia Joint military exercise? – Indra
We will update more question and answer soon.

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