September 23, 2017

SSC MTS Question Asked on 22 September 2017

SSC MTS Question Asked on 22 September 2017

SSC MTS Question Asked on 22 September 2017

SSC MTS 2016 exam are being conducted from 16th September to 31st October 2017. Read today's question based on review given by readers who attempted SSC MTS exam today. take a look of this article to know what kind of questions are asked on 22-09-2017.
It will very helpful to you if you have not appeared for your exam till date. If you appeared in this exam today you may check your performance based on the correct answer and your answers. These question can be asked in upcoming shifts of SSC MTS Exam. Here is the questions asked in SSC MTS exam 22-September-2017:

  • Force changes which of the following? – Speed, Direction, Shape, All the Above
  • If both buyer and seller exchange quantities it is called ? – Single coincidence, Double, Triple, none
  • How many bones are in human body? – 206
  • Who invented WWW? – Tim Berners-Lee
  • Who Won Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna in 2016? – P. V. Sindhu, Dipa Karmakar, Jitu Rai, Sakshi Malik
  • Name the Largest gland of human Body? – Liver
  • How many fundamental right In Our Constitution? – 6
  • In Which ground sachin Played His Last Match? – Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

  • What is the SI unit of acceleration? – meter per second Square (m/s²)
  • Air pollution affects which of these? – living, non living, both, none
  • India shares Largest Land boundary with which country? – Bangladesh
  • Who gave Farman to free trade in India? – Jahangir
  • Who was the Famous Kushan ruler? – Kanishka I
  • Which is the first non-Arab country to recognize Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)? – India
  • Who authored the book ‘Unbreakable’? – Mary Kom
  • Which Metal ion responsible for clotting of blood ? – Calcium
  • Which of these is Organs of govt – Legislature Judiciary
  • In Which year Bengal Partition Occurred? – 1905
  • Which vitamins helps clotting of blood? – Vitamin K
  • The study of blood known as? – Hematology
  • What is 231/2 latitude to the north? – Tropic of Cancer
  • What is the most prominent part of flower? – Sepal
  • Who invented Razor? – King Camp Gillette
  • All the goods and services in one year is called as? – Gross National Product (G.N.P.)
  • Who is the Author of the book Ben-Hur : A Tale of Christ? – Lewis Wallace
  • Which of these is first email provider? – Gmail
  • Untouchability is abolished in which article? – Article 17
  • Ryder Cup is related to which game? – Golf
  • Tamu-kawale-krigone friendship road is between India and which other Country? – Myanmar
  • Who got Dronacharya Award 2017 in Wrestling? – Roshan Lal
  • What is energy possessed by a body in virtue of motion?– Kinetic Energy
  • The study of blood known as? – Hematology
  • Who the author of book ‘Ignited Mind’ ? – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  • How many colours are there in Sun light? – 7
  • Who won Kirti Chakra Award 2017? – Major Rohit Suri
  • Which are the other countries take part in Thailand Highway? – India-Myanmar
  • Which country will host Olympics 2020? – Tokyo, Japan
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