May 28, 2019

RRB JE Exam Analysis & Question Paper 2019: 28 May 2019 (All Shift)

RRB JE Exam Analysis & Question Paper 2019: 28 May 2019 (All Shift)

RRB JE Exam Analysis & Asked Question 2019: 28 May 1st Shift, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift

The 1st Stage CBT is scheduled from 22nd May 2019 to 02nd June 2019. Candidate who applied for RRB JE 2019 can download heir admit card 4 days prior to the exam date from the official website of RRB. 1st Shift- 9:00 to 10:30, 2nd Shift- 12:30 to 2:00, 3rd Shift- 4:00-5:30

RRB JE 2019 Exam analysis, exam review, Asked Question PDF Download

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis and Asked question with answer are available at

RRB JE 28 May 2019 Shift 1 : Easy to Moderate
RRB JE 28 May 2019 Shift 2 :
RRB JE 28 May 2019 Shift 3 :

RRB JE 28 May 2019 Asked Question - Shift 1

  • The smallest bone in the human body? Stepis
  • Which hormone control glucose levels in the body? -insulin (Peptide harmone)
  • Unit of work? - Joule
  • Most electronegative element in periodic table? - Fluorine
  • Symbol of Phosphorus ? P
  • Dry ICE related question- solid Co2
  • Which of the following is a City of Joy? Kolkata
  • How many Gold medals India won in Special olympic ? 75 (Silver 100, bronze: 92)
  • Question-based on Irani Cup? - winner 2018-19 Vidarbha, Cricket
  • Which one of the following is a cylindrical lens?
  • The chemical name of K2SO4?-Potassium sulfate
  • Hardest metal ? Platinum
  • CaSo4is the formulae of? Calcium Sulphate
  • Which of the following is Emergency hormone? - Adrenaline (Adrenal Glands)
  • Which of the following is Milk hormone?
  • Who is known by the name of Chacha Nehru? Jawahar lal Nehru
  • Panipat’s 1st battle? - 1526 (Babar aur lodi)
  • Agartala is the capital of which state? Tripura
  • Attorney General of India - Venugopal
  • Which has highest valency?(Al, Si, P, Na)- Silicon
  • The nickname of Australian cricket player Ricky Ponting? Punter
  • No. of player in Baseball : 9
  • Manpreet Singh is related to which of the following states? Hockey
  • EShakti web portal was launched by which organization? NABARD
  • How many members are nominated by the President in both houses? 12+2

RRB JE 28 May 2019 Asked Question - Shift 2

  • Cobalt 60 is used for the treatment of which diseases?
  • The number of satellite launched through PSLV- C42?
  • “Beat Plastic Solution” was the Theme of which year’s World Environment Day”
  • Vijay Hazaare trophy is related to which sports?
  • Khatak is the folk dance of which state
  • Governor of RBI
  • Question based on Ionic potential?
  • Unit of wave velocity?
  • Thrombosis affects which organ?
  • In order to form the same size image as of the object where to place it?
  • C3H8 is the chemical formula of? Propane
  • what is the property under which metals can be converted into thin sheets?
  • Question-based on methanoic acid?
  • One question on Dalton’s theory.
  • Nitrogen’s Ionisation state in comparison with oxygen.
  • Acetic acid other name? - ethenoic acid
  • End product of acids+ metal =?
  • Sone river origin place of which hill?
  • Khazuraho build by?
  • Vitamin k deficiency?
  • Potato is ? 
  • Indian constitution is mix of?
  • Coulomb per second is ? Ampere (1 c/s = 1 A)
  • What is the unit of calorific value of a fuel? Kilo Joule
  • UK's Satellites launched by Pslv c42? NovaSAR and S1-4 (from shriharikota by ISRO)
  • Agni missile is? surface to surface ballistic missile
  • The word freestyle and butterfly used in which ? - Swimming

RRB JE 28 May 2019 Asked Question - Shift 3

  • Which of the following is not a Periodic Property? (a) atomic size (b) radioactivity c)electronegativity (d) None of these
  • Which gas is released when metal reacts with NaOH?
  • “beriberi” is caused by the deficiency of which of the following?
  • Which of the following is a seedless fruit?
  • One question voltage and current?
  • One question from Bacterial disease?
  • Which of the following is ionic? (a) HCL (b) NaCl (c)CCl4 (d) NH4
  • Chemical Name of Vitamin A?
  • Night Blindness is caused by?
  • Sun energy is produced from?
  • Florida is caused by?
  • Teas are produced by which of the plant?
  • Property of graphite?
  • Definition of Archimedes law?
  • Voltage-current ratio formula?
  • When was first Ranjhi trophy played?
  • Who won Sportsman of the year 2017?
  • Name the Indian station established in Antarctica?
  • President and cabinet ministers are responsible for?
  • Which river is called south Ganga?
  • Dandi yatra is related to?
  • Where is NM biodiversity Plant situated?
  • Most goals in FIFA, player name?

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RRB JE 2019 - All Day, All Shift

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